Spring Semester

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Classes for everyone ages 3+

Creative Movement, Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Adult Ballet, Beginner Tap, Cardio Hip Hop, Modern, Pilates…and Stability & Mobility!

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Juneau's Got Talent

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Registration for Spring Semester is now open.

Punch cards are available for Adult Ballet,  Cardio Hip Hop, Pilates, and Stability & Mobility

Boys/Men Scholarship Program – Boys and men under the age of 30 can attend classes for free. Contact the JDT office for more information.





At JDT, students explore the art of dance in a positive and nurturing environment. They build confidence as they problem solve, work to achieve new technical skills, and experience growth and success at their own individual pace.



Dancing is the joy of movement that requires commitment, focus, practice and discipline. These skills have a positive effect on learning in all areas of a dancer’s life.


Dance, as an art form, is more than just technical proficiency. Students at JDT learn to express themselves through dance and develop an understanding of the relationship between movement and music.

Did You Know?

Executive Advisor Julie Diana is a contributing editor at Dance Teacher  and has also written for Dance, Pointe, and Dance Spirit.

JDT dancers have also appeared in some of these major dance publications.

Dance Teacher Magazine