Fine Arts Camp Class Descriptions

2018 Fine Arts Camp Class Descriptions

American Sign Language

Learn some basic vocabulary and simple conversation. Each week, each class will put it all to music and learn to Sign along with a song.


Art of Movement

Find the art in what your bodies can do! Play active games, test your coordination with biking, jump roping, obstacle courses and more!


Art of Sculpture

Use found objects like old toys, drift wood, and cardboard to create 3D sculptures. Explore the foundations of art by experimenting with color, texture, space, and form.


Art in the Wind       

Create wind catchers & and wind socks out of different materials. Explore our windy city and test different materials and how they will fly.


Beaded Bugs         

Creepy, crawly beaded bugs! Use different patterns of colored beads to design bugs to play with and wear.


Beginning Ukulele

Learn finger positions for beginning chords and strumming patterns. Ukuleles supplied for in-class use, or bring your own. Song selection will reflect age group.


Bracelets & Chalk Art

This class will give you the opportunity to create patterns with beads & chalk. Explore the art of bracelet making & create wild chalk designs.


Bucket Drumming

Playing buckets and big trash cans, we will layer rhythms and create intricate bucket beats. We will also learn rock and pop beats to play along with your favorite songs.


Build-Your-Own Superhero

With great adventure, comes great creativity! Embark on the hero's journey as you create your own superhero, villain, sidekick, and storyline. Students will finish the week with a detailed character profile chart, as well as a comic book page or cover.


Contemporary Dance (with Janice Hurley weeks 1-2 only)

For older elementary school aged dancers, this class will combine floor work and center work from Modern Dance technique with the foot and leg work of Classical Ballet. Emphasis will be placed on both group and solo improvisation and creative work.


Contemporary Dance Fusion

In an introductory mix of ballet, modern, and jazz, students will have the opportunity to strengthen their dance skills and express their creativity through movement.



Come enjoy making peanut butter play dough and enjoy the art of cooking. Learn basic cooking skills, experiment with baking, and enjoy the art of cooking.  **Allergy Warning** this class cooks with peanuts and is not gluten free.


Creative Movement (with Janice Hurley weeks 1-2 only)

Through the use of rhymes, songs, music, stories, and creative games, young children will enhance their body awareness and explore rhythmic and locomotor movement patterns. They will increase their skills in both small and large muscle movements. In this setting, children will have the opportunity to develop their social skills as well.


Exploring Art

A fun filled class where children express their artistic creativity in a variety of projects and medium.


Explore the Universe

Use your imagination & your adventurous spirit to make constellation viewers and kaleidoscopes! Explore the universe by learning more about the stars!



An introduction to French. Students will do arts, craft projects, and play games to better learn the language of artists like Monet & Degas!


Foil & Chart Art

Explore the art of working with foil & creating wild chalk designs.



Make Needles, Learn to cast on, make stitches, and create fun projects with knitting!


LEGO Construction

Create a city with your friends! Create drawings and designs and then make buildings, cars, and entire cities.


Nature's Sketchbook

Look closely, draw and write about what you see around you--incorporate the natural world into your art as we go outside and use words and pictures to create beautiful journals.


Optical Illusions     

Need Description


Origami Paper Sculptures

Fold, tear, bend, craft, and breathe life into paper! In this class, students will create various paper sculptures, using both origami and paper geometry techniques. Students will finish the week with a paper sculpture that utilizes both the 2D and 3D elements of paper craft.


Paper Animals

Want to build a zoo?! Create your own paper animals with your friends. Using all sorts of new paper techniques & supplies.


Pearler Bead Art

Use different colored melting beads to create designs that you can wear! Create emoji & animal zipper pulls & art to decorate your room!


Recycled & Re-purposed Art

Make art, baskets, boxes or bling using found objects, wire, tin from cans, bottle caps, beads, rocks, sticks, sea glass, feathers, etc. Tools and sharp objects will be used. Students are required to follow all safety rules to participate in class.


Silly Songs

Be prepared to move to music and sing fun songs. We will use props, make up dance moves, change lyrics, and get a little bit (or a lot) silly.


STEAM: Inventors Lab

We’ll use all sorts of recycled materials to get messy and build whatever we want! From simple paints, paper and cardboard, to funky pipes, lightbulbs, wheels, string, straws: you name it! Your own unique robots, cars, boats, and airplanes are just some of the possibilities to make in our inventors workshop. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.


Stories, Songs & Circle Games

Story time mixed with songs, circle dances, and hand-clap games.


Stories & Science

Stories provide a great context for children's science. Explore with us as we travel through books of plants, habitats, seasons, life cycles, materials and their uses etc. Your child will experience science at their level and enjoy an engaging story to go with it.


Studies in Movement 2/3

Designed for the rapidly developing coordination of elementary school aged children, this class will explore variations of both small and large muscle movements, and will include work with movement sequences.


Sun Catchers

Build amazing designs that capture and play with the midnight sun! Use different materials and design something dazzling!


Things that Fly

Paper airplanes, helicopters, wings, & catapults, oh my! In this class, students will make many different flying contraptions and work together to test them. Students will work both indoors and outside during this class.


Zines & Sketchbooks/Comics

Make your own magazine (zine) or comic book. Learn folding, drawing, and collage techniques. Build your skills as an artist and a storyteller and create books to share with others!