Fine Arts Camp Class Descriptions

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Art of Movement

Find the art in what your bodies can do! Play active games, test your coordination with biking, jump roping, obstacle courses and more!

Beasts of the Southeastern Wild

Campfire stories come to life! In this class, students will look at various myths, folklore, and legends, including those of Southeast Alaska. What fantastic beasts and creatures fascinate you? Students will use these stories and their creativity as influence to craft mythical monsters out of recycled and collected materials.

Beginner Ukulele

Learn to play the Ukulele! Beginners welcome. We have instruments you can use or bring your own. We’ll learn chords and strumming, sing songs, and play games.

Bucket Drumming

Turn phrases and words into music using buckets, big trash cans, shakers, and bottles. We will work together to layer rhythms and choreograph an original percussion music.

Contemporary Dance

We’ll combine floor work and center work from Modern Dance technique with the foot and leg work of Classical Ballet. Emphasis will be placed on both group and solo improvisation and creative work.


Learn basic cooking skills, experiment with baking, and enjoy the art of cooking.

Creative Movement

Through the use of rhymes, songs, music, stories, and creative games, get to know your body and its rhythm patterns.

Drawing & Calligraphy

Explore the arts of drawing and painting. Learn about shading and mixing color, composition, perspective, line, and brush stroke.

Exploring Art/Sculpture

A fun filled class where children express their artistic creativity in a variety of projects and media.

Felt Animals

Create small felt animals to use as banners, toys, or hanging ornaments. Learn basic hand sewing techniques and decorate your new friend!

Felt Stuffed Animals and Ornaments

Create small felt stuffed animal toys to play with or a fancy hanging ornament to decorate your room. Learn basic hand sewing techniques and use buttons, sequins, ribbon, and fun fabric to add details to your creations.

Fractured Fairytales & Folklore

In this class we will explore classic folk and fairy tales, taking a close look at their structure, before taking them apart and recreating our own variations. Our time will be filled with the reading, writing, illustrating, recreation and telling of stories, both collaboratively and individually.


An introduction to French. Students will do arts, craft projects, and play games to better learn the language of artists like Monet & Degas!

I Love to Sing!

Use your voice in song, singing solo and with your friends! Sing, Sing, Sing!

I Spy with My Little Eye

Play a little, collect a bunch, see a lot, and learn A TON. You’ll explore Juneau on various excursions, where we will see the beauty of summer and learn stories of Juneau’s landmarks. In each location, you’ll do fun games while collecting small “tokens” to craft your very own I SPY – Juneau Edition book!

Intermediate Ukulele

Do you have an ukulele, or have you taken ukulele before? If you know some chords and want to learn more, this is the class for you! We have instruments or bring your own. Learn intermediate chords, strums, and write your own songs!

Introduction to Dance

Explore variations of both small and large muscle movements, and will include work with movement sequences.

Jewelry Making & Beading

Children will explore basic beading and jewelry design concepts. We will focus on pattern, design, color, functionality, and purpose.

Juggling / Poi

Progress through the basics of juggling, starting with scarves and then balls. Also learn the basics of poi! You might also make your own juggling balls and poi.


Make Needles, learn to cast on, make stitches, create fun projects with knitting!

Make a Hula Hoop & Use It

Hula Hooping is fun and full of music and movement! Participants will make their own hula hoop and learn the basics of hooping. They’ll also learn different levels of tricks, similar to jump rope clubs.

Make Your Own Superhero

Do you have a secret superpower? Create your own superhero! Make a cape, draw a character, and decide what you can do to make the world a better place!

Optical Illusions

What we see may not be as they truly seem. In this class, students will look at examples of some wild optical illusions, and learn to design and craft their own. Be aware, you may get dizzy, shocked, or wowed in the process!

Nature’s Sketchbook

Look closely, draw and write about what you see around you–incorporate the natural world into your art as we go outside and use words and pictures to create beautiful journals.

Poetry/Spoken Word

Have you seen a poetry slam? They are celebrations of words and rhythm, rap and rhyme. Learn to speak up, speak out, play with words, and share your ideas in the energetic and fun expressive medium of spoken word poetry.

Ravenstail Weaving

Explore Northwest Coast Ravenstail geometric weaving with Lily hope. Design and weave a Ravenstail treasure pouch with just your hands (no shuttles involved), using traditional wool colors in black, white and golden yellow. We will finish your pouch with a felt backing and handmade twisted yarn strap/handle.

Sculpture & 3D Art

In this class students will experiment with lots of subjects and media through use of paper, clay, paper maché, metal, glass and found objects. Students will explore creating three-dimensional pieces that ignite imagination!

Silly Songs

Be prepared to move to music and SING fun songs. We will use props, make up dance moves, change lyrics, and get a little bit (or a lot) silly.

STEAM: Challenge Lab!

In this workshop, students will use the wacky materials in our Inventors Lab to solve problems and participate in team challenges: drop an egg off a building, build a boat, design a rocket, construct a maze & MORE. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

K/1 STEAM: Inventors Lab

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. We’ll use all sorts of recycled materials to get messy and build whatever we want! From simple paints, paper and cardboard, to funky pipes, light-bulbs, wheels, string, straws: you name it! Your own unique robots, cars, armor and airplanes are just some of the possibilities to make in our inventors’ workshop.

2/3 STEAM: Inventors Lab

This is a workshop for aspiring engineers, artists and problem solvers! Ever wanted to try making cardboard furniture? Design a boat or a bridge? Put together an instrument? We’ll have full access to the wacky materials in our Inventors Lab. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Stories, Songs & Circle Games

Move, shake, dance, create, imagine! Exploring songs, games, dances and musical stories.

Watercolor Postcards

Paint your own postcard and mail it right form Fine Arts Camp to someone you love!

Zine Making

Make your own magazine (zine) or comic book. Learn folding, drawing, and collage techniques. Build your skills as an artist and a storyteller and create books to share with others!